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Welcome to My Tour de Frederick Fundraising Page!!!

Darren. (Grady) Kieffer

Darren. (Grady) Kieffer

Thank you for visiting my page.

Please consider a donation here to help benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County and the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek. Today's youth are the next generations to solve those elusive questions, re-purpose technologies and to impact the earth in ways not yet thought possible.

I chose to commit and challenge myself to ride a metric century, which is 62 miles. A distance I have NOT yet ridden, I WILL complete this challenge because the cause benefits so many who should NOT need to struggle!

Your donation helps to benefit the youth in Frederick County!

Thank you!
Darren (Grady)


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1. Vicki & Benjy Kieffer
Anytime we can help children, we feel good inside especially for a great son we have in our family that is doing his best to help others.
2. Thermo Fisher Scientific
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