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Welcome to my Tour de Frederick fundraising page!

Lisa Mcdonald

Lisa McDonald

Thank you for your support and consideration to be a part of providing opportunities for kids that need us most. Did you know monthly after school fees are only $40 month? Our summer program is only $140 per week? Your support offsets the true cost of the program so we can make sure the kids have high quality staff, bright safe and fun Clubs, and resources and supplies they need.

Every dollar helps!

Thank you!



raised of $500 goal

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1. Matthew & Serina LaPointe
I've always been so impressed with your dedication to supporting child development and education. My admiration has only grown since you took on a greater role with the Boys & Girls Club. Thank you for what you do.
2. Missy Jensen
So proud of you! Love you lots!
3. Sue Fields
4. John And Dj
Good luck
5. Ann Aubin
Good luck!
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