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Welcome to my Tour de Frederick fundraising page!

Mark Mayer

Mark Mayer

Angela and I have always had a special passion for supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick.

Did you know that the Boys & Club is over 100 years old and helps more than 4 million of our nation's youth to create Great Futures? It's true...and they need our help more than ever. I will be riding again in 2020 to #bike4kids!

Thank you for taking a moment to consider helping support our local Boys & Girls Club and the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek. "Kids are 30% of our population, but they are 100% of our future" and together we are providing a safe haven and Great Futures for these most treasured members of our community.

Thank you!



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Go Mark Go.. “Why you riding my bike?” Haha
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This donation is made by friends of John and Kate Hawkins.
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