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Welcome to My Tour de Frederick Fundraising Page!!!

Mark Mayer

Mark Mayer

Thank you for visiting!

Angela and I have loved and supported the Boys & Girls for many years. This year we are inviting our friends and family to join us to help start even more "Great Futures" in our community.

Please consider a donation to help benefit the Boys & Girls Club and the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek.

Your donation helps to benefit the youth in Frederick County!

Thank you!



raised of $10,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Lloyd E Bubb
Thanks for all you do!! Really appreciate your time, know u very busy.
2. Doug O’Rear
Good luck Mark. Thank you for your leadership!
3. Grace Mayer
Happy Father’s Day
4. Angela Mayer
Good luck!!
5. Ann B. Lloyd
Thanks for a great beach week and for helping these young folks. Hope you reach your goal!
6. Mimi Mayer
Good luck on meeting your goal!!
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