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Welcome to our Tour de Frederick Fundraising Page!!!

Doug & Don Murphy

Doug & Don Murphy

Thank you for visiting our page. Please consider a donation to help benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County & the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek. BGCFC programs include Summer camps, Teen Club and Club on the Go meals.

Donations of any size are needed and greatly appreciated. Since we’re twins we like things to match, so if you are considering a donation of $50. consider making it $55; if you are thinking about $40.- consider increasing that to $44. Considering $100? it’s okay to drop it to $99. You get the idea…and the kids and our community will benefit from your generosity.

Thank you, Thank you,
Doug & Don


raised of $555 goal

Recent Donations

1. Bob Rice
2. Amanda & Ryan Murphy
Nice work boys! Have fun on the ride and thanks for your work to support our Youth in Frederick!😬❤️
3. Richard Ohnmacht
4. Janice & Jim Kennedy
5. Michael Murphy
Good Luck to a great team!
6. Dave Cookfair
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Team Service Above Spokes