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The Team

The Team

Will you help us support Frederick County's kids?

This social distance respectful hybrid bike ride event needs YOUR help. How can you get involved???

1. Make a tax-deductible donation and support our riders AND your local community... OR

2. Participate with us as a team member! We plan on having THE most FUN team around, and will be having a poolside (socially distant mindful, course!) "happy hour" or two, virtual team social meetings (cocktails optional!), and an end-of-season post-even party in late August, PLUS we will be giving ALL of our team members (that want it) social media shoutouts for them/their businesses - we WILL make this worth your while!!!

Curious how it works??? If you have a outside bike OR a stationary bike, you can join in!!! Ride outside on the road, inside your home a little at a time with your exercise bike, using your spin class or Peloton mileage, etc). You just need to log your miles ANYTIME from Aug 1-16 to make it happen. Registration is just $50 for adults, and reduced rate child registration is available too so you can get them involved in the fun!

We'd love to have your support in whatever way suits you during this unusual time - Please help us share our effort with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will truly help advance the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County's mission. :)

Together, we can make a difference!


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1. Jacobs Family
2. Amy Walde
3. Homestead Mods, LLC.
Proud to do our part for Tour de Frederick 2020 - It's for the KIDS!