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Bike gangs are the best kind of gangs!

Carly Ogden

Carly Ogden

Hey Bike Gang Fam!

Thanks so much for donating and/or joining our bike gang team! We only have a few bike gang tees left, so please check in the taproom if you have your heart set on a bike gang tee. At this moment we only have one or so M and a few L left.

For the people that joined our team, most of team Attaboy will be doing the family ride. We have a lot of sub-par bikes and lots of kids joining! Brian rented a truck to transport our bikes and we'll meet at Attaboy to load up our truck. We think we can fit a lot. We'll see!

Transportation to the start will need to be every man for themselves! We might chug a beer here (for those over 21) and everyone from our team is more than welcome to come back to Attaboy for a beer afterward. Or just par-tay hard at the finish line party!

(The Ogden's are headed back to Attaboy to get bikes back and then home for naps. They really par-tay hard.)



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Thank you to everyone who came and purchased a shirt in the taproom! Brandon Thompson, Billy Sapadith, Sam Buppert, Tim Triplett, Mike & Angela Burke, Zach Butt and more that we didn't catch names of. Woot woot! We have a handful more L & 2XL left if you want to swing on by this week.

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