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Welcome to My Tour de Frederick Fundraising Page!!!

Kenneth Lenta

Kenneth Lenta

Growing up in Syracuse, NY, some of my fondest memories with my beloved Uncle Bob, cousins, siblings, and Sacred Heart classmates, were at the Boys & Girls Club. My Uncle Bob and I had a very special bond encompassing our deep faith and service to those in need. I chose to participate in Tour de Frederick, a fundraiser for the Frederick Boys & Girls Club in his memory and to ensure those in need in our community are taken care of as well as we were. I love you Uncle Bob and miss you more than words can ever say.

Thank you to Ken & Jackie Rose for joining this journey with me.

Please consider a donation here to help benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County and the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek.

Your donation helps to benefit the youth in Frederick County!

Thank you!
Kim, Ken, Jackie Rose


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