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The Tour de Frederick 2020 edition #DistancedRider t-shirt and jerseys were designed by rider and graphic designer, Lori Schulman. She is the visionary behind the t-shirts and jerseys for many years, bringing the event to life through art.  This year, we asked her to create something that showed the uniqueness of a 'virtual' event during a global pandemic and she didn't let us down!

So, what does it mean?

The visions of clouds with dark and light shadows show the uneasiness of the storms we're riding through together. The blue color scheme highlights our TDF blue, Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County blue, and also symbolizes relaxation, calm, tranquility, trust, and loyalty all in one. The bright blue elicits hope and allows us to be be seen well by cars. The colorful bike riders and other colors in the words stand for the colorful nature of our club kids and a poignant shift into reminding us what this year's ride is really about. The riders are distanced, but on the same path...toward the same mission. The words #DistancedRider and #whateverittakes show resiliency in the face of adversity and that we are together in mission even when we are 'distanced.'

So, how do you get one?

Jerseys are $100 or you can fundraise $500 and get it for FREE!
T-Shirts are $20. 
CLICK HERE to order.