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Pictured: Thermo Fisher's 2019 Team

Train as a team. Ride as a team. Fundraise as a team.

Join or create a team for maximum TDF experience! Not only is it fun to create camaraderie with friends and colleagues, but you also have someone to hold you accountable to your goals. Plus, you have a group of people for emotional support during training and fundraising.  If you’re comfortable when August comes, you can ride together and stay safe on the roads. Strength in numbers!

(Pictured: Thermo Fisher's 2019 TDF team. Employees came from all over the US to participate)


Fundraise As a Team


Create the team or join the team. Either way, you have a group of people to FUNdraise with!  Each teammate can set up their personal fundraising page as soon as they are registered. The team's collective fundraising will add up automatically and you'll be able to cheer each other on. Start sharing your personal link and start challenges between teammates. Make it fun!

Tips for TDF Teams

Know the Cause - Ride for the kids!

Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County (BGCFC) is a nonprofit organization that provides young people with a Club of their own. They provide quality programs in a safe, friendly, and inclusive environment. BGCFC has full-time Leaders supplemented by part-time Youth Development Professionals all who help guide the Club Members. 


Since the beginning of the pandemic, Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County has kept its doors open, providing a safe and fun space for children of essential workers at no cost. To this day, they continue to provide quality care and provide a normal environment for youth in a not so normal time. Their mentors have gone above and beyond to help each child excel in virtual learning and as a result, they been recognized as one of the best “learning spaces of all the care centers” in the Frederick community. Each one of their programs that are offer will be focused on helping youth navigate and work through a new set of challenges that they will face as the world begins to open back up.



Donors Are All Around You

The more you ask, the more you receive! The number one reason donors don’t give to a cause is because they were never asked. Take a minute, sit down, and brainstorm a list of your potential donor network. Aim high! I bet you know more than 100 people. Think about the following:

  • Who is my… family member, friend, accountant, appraiser, architect, attorney, babysitter, bartender, chiropractor, contractor, dentist, financial planner, nurse, painter, photographer, teacher?
  • Who sold me my…house, beer, bicycle, books, car, clothes, cosmetics, dry cleaning, sports equipment, glasses, flowers, insurance, jewelry, manicure, motorcycle, newspaper, travel package?
  • I know people at…work, daycare, school, church, golf course, hardware store, gym, library, museum, kennel, grocery, post office, restaurant.
  • Keep going!... Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, college friends, fraternity/sorority mates, alumni association, professional association, former colleagues.


Matching Gifts

Double your donations with company matching gifts! It’s quite common for companies to have a matching gift program meaning that your donors may be able to have their contributions matched by their employer – doubling their impact!

How to ask for a matching gift:

  • The donor should contact their HR department to find out if the company will make a matching donation to Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County. If they do, ask for the matching gift form.
  • The donor makes their gift either online or offline.
  • The donor should also fill out the matching gift form from their company and mail it to: BGCFC
  • Once BGCFC receives the matching gift form, we will confirm your donation with the company.
  • The company will process their matching gift and send their donation directly to BGCFC.

Things to note when asking for matching donations:

  • Companies vary in how and when they process donations. Because of this, the matching gifts do not count toward your fundraising goal until they are received and processed by BGCFC. When you ask your HR department about the matching gift, ask when the actual check will be written. If they know you’re on a fundraising deadline, they may be able to work with you!
  • Matching gifts are a great way to maximize your impact on the kids at BGCFC. Be sure to remind your donors about this option!

How to Ask

Get creative! Have a bake sale. Host a virtual happy hour. Host a training ride or ride-a-thon with friend. Start a fun challenge.
Turn your talents into fundraising opportunities!

Ask early & ask often. It’s never too soon to ask, and it may take more than one ask to get people who intend to give to follow through.

Educate yourself on Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County by visiting their website and social media channels.

Use this email template – but the key is to personalize it!

Subject Line: A ride that opens doors...

Dear ___,

This year, I am riding in the Tour de Frederick – a bicycle ride that supports the kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County. The Club is a safe, fun, positive environment for kids after school and in the summer. Even now, during the pandemic, the Club is serving the kids of essential personnel and bringing a virtual Club experience into the homes of kids across the county.

As part of my ride, I am raising funds to make sure the door to opportunity stays open for Club kids. Would you please consider making a contribution that is personally significant to you? (add a link to your fundraising page)

This is important to me. I choose to ride for the kids because (fill in your reason here). So again, please join me in making a donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County, and be a part of the ride that opens doors to opportunity.

Thank you!


Tips for Fundraising on Social Media

  • Post updates on your ride progress and your fundraising progress. Be sure to include photos!
  • Ask friends and family to like, comment, and share your fundraising page and social media posts.
  • Create videos! Grab your phone and use a simple format like this to create your own #WhyIRide video:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Say why you’re taking the video (I.e. I’m riding in the Tour de Frederick & raising money for the kids at Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County)
    • Talk about WHY you ride in the Tour de Frederick
    • Say that you’ll share the link to your fundraising page in the comments (then actually do it)
    • Say thank you for watching and supporting the kids!
  • Use the hashtags #WhateverItTakes #Ride4thekids #DistancedRider
  • Use Facebook messenger to send messages to those you may not have emails for.
  • Say thank you – A LOT!